We specialise in the development of custom fibre optic sensing systems based on the needs of customers.

Arkwright Technologies Pty Ltd was incorporated in May 2015 by Professor John Arkwright. Shortly after incorporation, the Company was granted full rights by the CSIRO to commercialise innovative Fibre Optic Sensing technology developed by Professor Arkwright and colleagues during his time working for the CSIRO.

The innovation brings together photonics and micro-fabrication capabilities in a platform technology that can be applied to a range of applications requiring measurement of physical parameters. Our proprietary transducer designs provide very high sensitivity in an exceptionally small package. They allow for inherently temperature-insensitive measurement of pressure and force, and can be configured to fit into complex and convoluted structures.

Human gastro-intestinal (GI) diagnostics was the first product application to be developed. Sales of prototype catheters and complete manometry systems have been made to colonic research specialists, mainly been in Australia and New Zealand. The catheters have been used in over 200 clinical studies and have shown details of hitherto unknown gut activity in the small and large bowl.

We have since developed accelerometer and strain gauges based on the same principle and our devices are now being developed for industries such as aerospace, infrastructure monitoring and defence.