To encourage uptake of its HR-FOM technology for research purposes, Arkwright Technologies is offering a

25% discount on the price of catheters and complete manometry systems.


NOTE - Subject to approved Registration of Interest


Arkwright Technologies (AT) is seeking collaboration opportunities with recognised opinion leaders in the field of gastrointestinal (GI) research.

Several leading GI researchers have hailed the AT High Resolution Fiber Optic Manometry (HR-FOM) System as a significant advance in the understanding and treatment of GI conditions.

“The Hubble Telescope of manometry...". (Prof Ronan O'Connell, St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin)


"[This]…is opening up a new world of manometry research”. (Prof Jan Tack, University of Leuven)


Key features of the AT HR-FOM Catheter include –

  •  the ability to record physiologically significant pressures from upto 144 pressure sensors at 1 cm spacing,


  •  a very small diameter of ≤3mm and a high degree of flexibility enabling access deeper into the gut, and


  •  generation of detailed information that provides dramatically better diagnostic potential than existing GI manometry technologies.


The HR-FOM catheter is re-usable and can be configured during manufacture for both upper and lower GI applications. We believe there is scope for the AT HR-FOM system to generate significant new knowledge that can only be acquired using a device of this type.

Researchers who take-up this offer will be asked to provide feedback on the nature and outcomes of the research undertaken.

A Product Sheet and Quote can be obtained upon Registration of Interest approval.

Please use the CONTACT form to register your interest and take advantage of this special offer.